Electricity Supply Pension Scheme AGM 2023

The Electricity Supply Pension Scheme (the Scheme) holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for members, which usually takes place online in November each year. The purpose of the meeting is set out below.

While this AGM relates to the Scheme and is not business-specific to National Grid Electricity Group (the Group) or other individual Groups of the ESPS, Group members are welcome to attend. You can raise resolutions related to the ESPS (but not the Group) in advance, attend the annual event online, and vote on resolutions.

This year’s event

This year’s Scheme AGM will take place on Tuesday, 21 November 2023 starting at 1.00pm.

Please note, ESPS has confirmed the deadline for the submission of resolutions this year is Tuesday, 24 August 2023.

As in previous years, the event will be held as a webinar. If you wish to attend, you will need to register with EPTL in advance to access the video link. Please do so as soon as possible by clicking here.

If you’re new to the Scheme AGM’s online arrangements, a ‘test’ meeting will be held on 14 November at 12.00. If this is your first time attending online, please register for the test meeting as soon as possible by clicking here.

If you don’t have internet access, you can still join the Scheme AGM by telephone and listen in, but be aware you won’t be able to vote or ask questions, so attending online is therefore recommended.

For more information on the ESPS, please click here. The minutes of the 2022 Scheme AGM will be available in due course.

The purpose of the Scheme AGM

The purpose of the event is to:

  • receive the Scheme Annual Report & Financial Statements, the Auditor’s Report and the Report of the Scheme Trustee
  • conduct any general business, including the consideration of any resolutions proposed by members.


Members have up to 28 days before the date of the Scheme AGM each year to submit a written Resolution to the Scheme Secretary. This year, the deadline for receiving resolutions is Tuesday, 24 October 2023.

Any Scheme AGM Resolutions received will be subject to approval following advice from EPTL's legal advisers, Fieldfisher.

For information - competent business for the ESPS Members' AGM is defined as: ‘Business which relates to the accounts of the Scheme, the proper functions of the Scheme Trustee, and matters which have a specific effect on members of the Scheme (not just as members of any occupational pension scheme)’.

Members are reminded that they have the opportunity to raise any matters of concern at Group level at any time by contacting NGE Group Trustee Services at:

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